MC-A-DU Woodworking

We pride ourselves in making one of the finest and safest gun cases made. We construct our cases from a high quality hardwood with seven different varieties to choose from (click here for list). Our quality select cases are hand sanded and finished in three coats of polyurethane to give that deep rich finish. Our cases are made to withstand tampering. We have a settable combination lock that has a hundred and forty four different combinations.
 You can choose from three standard locks with 1000 combinations. They are polished /brass polished/ nickel polished or black we also have a gold plated lock for a few dollars more. We will install exterior brass hinges or interior hinges. You can choose wooden handles, or a handle that lays down flat.
Inside your case, your gun will be French fitted into a fabric that covers Styrofoam with dust seal of the same fabric all the way around the Styrofoam so dust or moisture cannot get to your gun. The lid has soft foam covered with the same fabric color as the bottom; it will gently press down on the gun keeping it in place when closed. You can see the impression of the gun in the soft fabric and foam as in the left photo.
Underneath the Styrofoam, we install a music box that will play when the lid opens alerting you if someone has opened the case with over ninety-seven popular melodies to choose from
(click here for list).

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